1.10.2b Bug fixes and small improvement

New feature:

  • Distributed rendering checkbox added to vray common settings

Bug fixes:

  • Render elements could not be used on presets
  • Copy/paste of render region settings
  • Properly convert render region values when resolution changes


Download it here - batchcamerarender_1.10.2b.ms

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1.10b Multiple presets for each camera


This is long-awaited version of the script supporting multiple presets per camera. Now you can select camera preset and press Add button. New preset will be added with the same camera. New presets are named as follows: camera_name_preset_001. Names cannot be changed and numbers are changing if presets are deleted, e.g. if you add two presets and then remove first one the one that stays will have 001 at the end.

Other thing to consider is that additional presets are tied to camera, so if you delete the camera all its presets will be gone. If you clone the camera that clonned camera will have additional presets as well.

New keyword was added to support new preset names - %preset_name%. You can use it instead of %camera_name% which gives you the same camera name for each additional preset. %preset_name% keyword will be replaced with current preset name if you use it as a file name for example.

This is early version of the script, I didn't test it thoroughly, so use it on your own risk :) It should work I believe.


Download it here - batchcamerarender_1.10b.ms

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1.9.20 Vray-RT, MFRender, Performance

New features:

  • Improved performance in cases with lots of cameras in scene. Thanks to Brendan Coyle
  • Vray RT support added. Vray RT should be production render. Thanks to Scott Ronaldson
  • Add MFRender support (beta testers wanted!). Thanks to Zura Bezhanishvili
  • Bugfix - Error was popping up sometimes during drag-n-drop
  • Bugfix - Render elements didn't render in certain conditions
  • Bugfix - Pre-render/post-render scripts didn't work on network rendering


Download it here - batchcamerarender_1.9.20.ms


There is a great script on (scriptspot.com) that renders max files in batch. Zura suggested me to make that script compatible with BatchCamera, so I've tried to fix it and it looks like it works. Zura went to test it and I've never heard from him since then :) If you feel like you want to test it I'll be happy to provide modified version of MFRender script. I will actually upload that version on scriptspot, but I would like to get permission from original author first.

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1.9.15- Region Rendering and Backburner Servers

New features of this release:

  • Region render parameter can be specified for each camera
  • Set Viewport button sets viewport camera and resolution and aspect as well
  • It is possible now to specify backburner servers and server groups for silent rendering submit


Since this version is not tested thoroughly I put download link here - batchcamerarender_1.9.15.ms

Region render parameters


By using these parameters you can specify different regions for each camera in the scene. Get/Set buttons are used to get/set region settings of the current viewport. Values are set as follows: X/Y coordinates of upper left corner and Width/Height of the region rectangle. To keep values resolution independent they are set in percents not pixels. To enable/disable region rendering use Region swatch button.

Backburner servers

Ok, to use this feature you will need to edit the code. Sorry for that, but adding UI elements requires so much work, I would not be able to make it for weeks. So, here it is, at line 972 we have this:

local render_servers = #()
-- render_servers = batchManager.GetServers filter:#group key:"test_global"
-- render_servers = batchManager.GetServers filter:#index key:2
render_servers = batchManager.GetServers()
local servernames = for i in render_servers collect i.name
format "servernames:%\n" servernames
batchJob.Submit Servers:render_servers
-- batchJob.Submit Servers:#(render_servers[1])

render_servers array contains servers and it is passed to batchJob.Submit method. In current state array contains all the servers since line 975 collects all of them. If you need to select group of servers you need to:

  • Uncomment line 973 and comment 975
  • Specify group name in the end of line 973
  • Remember to save and run the script using Ctrl+E in maxscript editor to update the script in 3ds max.

After that all your silent network rendering jobs will be assigned to that server groups. Also remember that only global groups are supported.

To use one or more particular servers you will need to get their indexes in render_servers array. To get that information first make sure script is configured to use all the servers (use fragment above as a guide) then submit any render job and check maxscript listener - there should be the list of all your servers' names. Note the index of needed servers in that list.

  • Uncomment line 979 and comment line 978
  • List the servers using your indexes and array just like this: #(render_servers[1], render_servers[2], render_servers[3]). I used 1, 2, 3 here as indexes.

That's it. Run the script using Ctrl+E and then run it in regular way, using toolbar button.

I hope this little guide helps you to customize your script.

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Script Development Roadmap

Date Tags roadmap

I keep getting emails and comments with feature suggestions. Some features look interesting for public version and some look too specific to user's workflow. I decided to list the features that interest me the most and which I think are valuable for public version.

  • Region render parameters for each camera (almost done)
  • Parameters for previews
  • Add/Delete cameras from the list
  • Different settings for each cameras

If you have some other thing in mind do not hesitate to let me know, this list can easely be changed.

And finally message to companies that are using this script in production - feel free to suggest features you need, they can be added to your private version for a small reward.

1.9.14 - Vray output and Vray elements

Saving of Vray Frame Buffer with Color Correction


Checkbox Save Vray Ouput was added in this version of the script. You can use it to save Vray VFB output including color correction that was done in VFB window.

Tricky part is that this setting is tied with Enable Elements setting. If you have elements enabled and have some path set for the elements then Vray output goes to that path. If elements are disabled then Vray output goes to main output folder. Vray output filetype is the same of main ouput and 'vrayoutput' is added to the end of filename.

Other thing to consider is that there is still Save Vray Separate Channels checkbox in the script. If this checkbox is off but Enable Elements and Vray Ouput are both on then you still get all the elements rendered to elements (or main) path.

Other notices:

  • alpha channel is saving as well along with Vray output image
  • this settings are global - e.g. apply to all cameras
  • script was tested on 3ds Max 2014 + Vray 3

Vray Elements

Several people on Scriptspot.com complained about not being able to get render elements on Vray 3 rendered. It looks like I've fixed that bug. At least I am able to render elements. Fajar's modified version of the script inspired me to fix that annoying bug. Thanks Fajar!

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Version 1.9.13 is ready!

New version is ready for download and testing!


New features:

  • Local rendering of multiple cameras can be cancelled at once. You need to press Cancel button to do this. Pressing Esc button doesn't stop all cameras.
  • Hierarchical ini files with default values. Script is looking for default ini files starting with scene folder and up to root folder. Files located on upper level override values of files located on lower levels, so you can have ini files with certain values common for all projects, then ini file for each project and ini file for certain scene.

Bug fixes:

  • Netrender failed when same job name exist in queue (presumably this bug appears with backburner 2013+)

  • Drag-and-drop of cameras causes messed up some parameters

This site is still under develepment so, please, write comments on ScriptSpot.com

New site and Github for the script

This script has been offline for quite some time and finally I managed to put together a site and put script's sources on github. I hope it makes easier for you to get recent versions or modify script for your own needs.